Does it Snow in the Blue Mountains?

Does it snow in the Blue Mountains?  This is a question we are often asked when guests book Glen Isla over the popular Winter season. The answer in short is YES! Sometimes. If you are very very lucky.  On average, there are about 5 days of snow per year - mostly in June/July.  Keep in mind though that some of these are just flurries which melt rather quickly.  In this latest blog post we share some tips about snow in the Blue Mountains and the best tips for seeing snow.

What are the chances of seeing snow in the Blue Mountains for our stay?

In the 6 years that we have owned Glen Isla, we've had 3 groups of guests who have experienced snow during their stay.  Most recently over the Winter season in 2019.  But whilst this is an extra special perk for the lucky few - just what are the chances of seeing snow over your stay?

If snow is what you're looking for, Wentworth Falls (where Glen Isla is located) isn't the best place to be.  This is largely due to the elevation of where Wentworth Falls is located.  It does snow more higher up in the Blue Mountains - such as Mt Victoria and Blackheath.  If seeing snow is your main motivation for visiting the Blue Mountains, your best bet is to take a day trip further West during your stay and visit townships such as Oberon which experiences snow much more frequently (and more impressive amounts too!).

Keeping safe in the Blue Mountains during snowfall

Road closures are common when there is snowfall in the Blue Mountains.  These closures often occur at Mt Victoria or Blackheath but they could even be closer to Glen Isla and be at Wentworth Falls.  While you're staying at Glen Isla, you might wake to find your car covered in frost.  If you do need to travel the best way to clear your windscreen is to pour warm water over it to clear the ice.  Be sure not to use hot water though as the temperature difference could cause you to crack your windscreen!

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest road closures and information by visiting Live Traffic NSW

Glen Isla with snow in the garden in early August 2015.  Photo taken by our lucky guests who happened to be staying at the house.

Maximising your chances of seeing snow in the Blue Mountains

Here are our top tips for seeing snow in the Blue Mountains during your stay at Glen Isla:

  1. Book your stay for late June to mid-July.  The busy Winter season is also the best chance of catching snow.
  2. Book a longer stay.  The more nights you stay the better your chance of hitting the snow jackpot.  The best opportunity of catching snow is to already be here when the snow arrives.  Road closures can prevent being able to access the area once the snow has already fallen so already being in the area is your best bet!
  3. Take day trips further West to places such as Mt Victoria and Blackheath, or to Oberon which are more likely to receive more
  4. Visit the Bureau of Meterology website to check on the latest weather updates and forecasts

Book Your Winter Blue Mountains Stay

Enjoy the beautiful Blue Mountains in Winter - our most popular months of the year.  Be sure to check our latest Availability and Book Instantly to secure your preferred dates.  Glen Isla is equipped to enjoy the cooler months of the year in comfort - electric blankets, a fireplace in the living room, and ducted heating in all the rooms.