Blue Mountains Fires 2019 - How You Can Help

The fires across NSW in 2019 have been devastating for many communities.  At the time of writing this article, fires in the Wollemi and Blue Mountains National Parks are still ongoing with no clear end in sight.  Lots of local communities - particularly along the Bells Line of Road stretching from Kurrajong Heights to Lithgow - have been devastated by fire with many people losing their homes and businesses.

Many people want to know what they can do to help these communities.  It basically all comes down to one simple thing:

How Can You Help?  Keep on visiting!

Fires are a natural part of living and working in the Blue Mountains.  It's something locals prepare for each summer.  But when we have bushfires that impact on our local communities, each time our businesses suffer.  Not only due to the actual fires impacting on some people's places of work... but also in the months (and sometimes YEARS!) afterwards.  The media reporting on "Blue Mountains Fires" turns people who might have visited our region away.  I understand - people are afraid and don't know what to expect.  For the most part however, it's business as usual for the majority of places in the Blue Mountains.  The Blue Mountains is a very large area and sometimes people who are unfamiliar with the region automatically assume that fires have impacted all towns stretching from the lower Mountains all the way through to Lithgow.  This is far from the case.

Safety During Bush Fire Season

The safety of our guests is always our number one priority.  We always encourage our guests who are visiting us during the summer months to download the Fires Near Me application to their mobile phone, and to set up a Watch Alert for Glen Isla's address in Wentworth Falls.  This app will alert you should a problematic fire occur and give you plenty of warning to allow you to pack and vacate the house to a safer area.  At no time has the house been under threat due to the recent fires so we want to reassure our upcoming guests that it is still safe to come and stay and that for the most part it is "business as usual" in the local area. 

So.. the best way to help our local communities is just to keep supporting our small businesses.  Don't be scared off!  The Blue Mountains community are strong but we need you to keep our businesses alive.  

The Fires Near Me app by the Rural Fire Service is an important way of keeping up to date with the latest fire information.  Be sure to download it to keep safe whenever you are visiting bushfire prone areas such as the Blue Mountains.

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