Are you ready for a Killer Event?

Hosted Murder Mysteries are Fancy-Dress Parties on Steroids!

the Murder Master's hand print

Glen Isla is a terrific Blue Mountains Cottage with a brilliant layout for a Murder Party. There's a wonderful combined dining / living area, and a large kitchen which is perfect if you want to self-cater your Murder Lunch or Dinner.

Perfect for 10-12 Suspects, for a private Killing, or a Business / Office Homicidal Time. All you have to do is invite the Murder Master... if you dare!

The Murder Master is the host who will turn your corporate function or private party into an utterly unique and memorable event.

You and your fellow Suspects will be embroiled in a dastardly Murder. Everyone will fight to establish their alibis and prove innocence, while solving the crime and discovering Whodunnit.

Plenty of finger pointing, backstabbing, blackmail and unbridled skulduggery will ensue.

Invite the Murder Master to your event today, anywhere, anytime, anyhow… it’ll be a scream!

Contact Details

Phone: 1800 Murder / 1800 687 337

Murder Testimonials

“We had the murder mystery at our wedding reception, it was the best decision ever! … it’s a great way to have fun, entertain your guests and have people who don’t know each other too well interact and chat, it gets even the shyest person out of its shell!”

“We had a fantastic Corporate weekend away with murderous intentions… Corporate would find this a great team builder as well. Thanks Bryan – You ROCK!“

“I can’t recommend Bryan highly enough and will certainly be back to experience more of his fabulous talent.”

“For our annual conference this year we wanted to do something special… If anyone is thinking about a Murder Mystery night, Bryan is your man and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!”

“The time went very quickly and we had loads of fun… it was very a very enjoyable way to spend time together with friends.”

“Ours was a school group of 65 year old or young women… If you love to laugh and have fun with friends… do this!”

“Our company Christmas party was a blast… I highly recommend Bryan for your corporate events!”

“Bryan was very entertaining very professional… interacted with all of our group and just made it a great night.”

“A fabulous evening of food, fun, and murder.

“Well organised lot of laughs.“

“…fun, made you think, was a new way to engage with people we have dinner with all the time…”

“Our team had a great experience dressing up, deceiving, analysing and trying to figure out the story.

Awesome experience for young and old“

“Fun to dress-up, and try to solve the mystery.

Fun… dressing up and getting into character.

A different, entertaining option for a dinner / celebration!”

“It was very entertaining. We enjoyed it all… they loved every aspect of the lunch and murder mystery.”

“Was great fun… I would highly recommend the murder mystery. We all had a ball!”

“Dress up, suspense and lots of laughs. It went too quickly… it was a great team building exercise, really enjoyed the dress up and Bryan was an excellent host.”